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PRINCE THRIFTY’S Guide To Cutting Your Bills In Half Through Negotiation is two books in one.

PART I outlines wisdom and insights relating to negotiation, and best practice strategies, and “rules of engagement” for dealing with customer service representatives. PART I is written in simple and concise terms. Prince Thrifty urges future Consumer Rockstars to read and absorb PART I, but to not stress out about trying to memorize every detail. Because things get a heck of a lot easier in PART II.

PART II is the Workbook, in which Prince Thrifty holds your hand and walks you through the simple steps of renegotiating and lowering all your bills. There are no worries as Prince Thrifty’s Workbook is easy to use and foolproof.

GET STOKED. You are well on your way to becoming a Consumer Rockstar!